Lets welcome this series "MARRIAGE AT WAR" do not worry I am not exactly referring to Gun blazing wars.
Seriously this days marriages seem to die the day they are birthed.
It is a lot of hard work, then more hard work, a lot conscious effort that sometimes it becomes exasperating.
Sorry single people it is not my intention to scare you. Don't get me wrong, marriage is fun/ bliss etc, but you must work at it.
The statistics on the top right corner was collected over a period of years and carefully analysed. From the 1960 till 2008, you can notice the significant increase the level/divorce rates.
This divorce is not far from Christians as these we somewhat champion it.  Not all marriages are destined to fail, some need little work while others major work.
In This series we will sharing on how to improve and make our marriages work. I will be so much fun but please feel free to leave you comments as interaction will help.
Good Night


Good evening Ahtalks Readers,
I am sorry I have been away from this page for almost a year or more. I had a lot going on and no I didn't go to have a baby, but I really had a lot going on for me. I will definitely share everything and when I mean everything I mean EVERYTHING.  I have made changes to this page as all the events has changed me a lot.
Thank you all for being there while I was away and for even checking up on me.
Yours sincerely
For: Ahajitalks.



This picture is a familiar site in the streets of Lagos. Don't get me wrong, it just that it took a while for me to get used to it.
I moved to Lagos and i have come to realise that this was a welcomed norm. I have even noticed that mothers give their children money and empty food flask to purchase food from" mama saro" around the corner for lunch. You see million naira cars and well dressed persons pulling over at this popular stop to join in the chorus "Mama put" or "Auntie put". No wonder eateries and restaurants thrive in this city.
You wouldn't want to see where and how this meals are prepared, but all you know is you just keep going back. I know because i have sometimes gotten my lunch from these stops. They taste good, just like the professionals say, every ingredient come together in a fine combination, mixture and in the end everything is "ON POINT'.



In the past, I have sat on my high horse and judged people. Sometimes hard and I give them a pass. I wear my big white horse and speak "GRAMMER".



A naive little girl all alone for the first time. She is happy to be in UNI, she is free and she can't believe that she can make her decisions.
Settling down was fun, sweet and airy but her mother was there.
Momma couldn't let her baby go she was not comfortable that her baby was alone. Her mother travelled several thousand Kilometer's to give her stew, give her treated water hug her etc. This girl enjoyed every bit of it. Ohh she loved her mother, she adored her. She went home every time  she could to see how her mother was doing. Things changed one November weekend


Happy Easter

Today is good Friday, the day Christ died for our Sins. After he had been tried, mobbed, beaten, he was nailed to the cross so we can be saved.



Yes its safe in your mouth. Women especially have the urge to share information "GIST" with other people. Its either for advice or for fun. We are most times unaware of the outcome or balls we send rolling when we tell another woman how good our man is or what he likes..


We have sometimes had encounters with the "little". Here in this context i refer to the people at the bottom of every food chain including babies. Naturally we have it in us to group ourselves into classes, believing that we are better than the cleaner or even your mechanic, but i have to realize that most times the man that fixes your car, the "SKILLED" worker earns more than you do, in other words, he has more money than you.



I want to apologize for being out of circulation for a while now. Needed time to set my head straight.
I want to ask a sincere question, what is happening to the men and women of this century, women are ready to settle down, get married while the men haven't even thought that far.
A women walks into a relationship seeing the end from the beginning meanwhile the man is just seeing hours after. This is not because he is incapable of seeing what she is seeing but because he isn't  ready to occupy the space that should worrying about money with worrying about women.


Nicolas Cage Will Be a Grandfather

Nicolas Cage is excited to be a grandfather. The action movie star will be a grandfather for the first time after his son Weston Cage and his wife Danielle announced that they would be parents to a baby boy. The happy couple shared the news at the Kasem Cares Foundation's First Annual Fundraiser in Beverly Hills on Saturday night, February 22.

"It is a boy. Big boy, weighs a lot," Danielle told Closer Weekly. "I'm so excited! This wasn't necessarily planned, but it is completely welcomed. We're so happy to be giving birth eventually." When asked about the actor's reaction, Weston recalled, "He was ecstatic. His reaction was one of pure joy and bliss. Family is very important to us."

The 23-year-old Weston added, "My father and I actually speak everyday and Danielle and I texted him the ultrasound photograph which was actually confirmation of what we thought." The expectant mother continued saying that she and her husband wanted to have more children later. "We were both only children, so having multiples would be nice," she gushed.

Cage recently took part in a drama called "Joe", which was adapted from a 1991 novel with the same name by Larry Brown. Premiered at the 2013 Venice Film Festival, the movie tells the story of an ex-con who tried to be a role model to a 15-year-old boy.